Our Company

We’re InfoTrax Systems—the industry-leading provider of commissions software and distributor tools for Direct Sales companies.

We know commissions are the driving force of your business. So, we’ve spent the last 30 years analyzing trends and observing distributor behaviors to create a powerful, dynamic, multi-level platform of commission solutions.

For the past 30 years, InfoTrax has worked to develop and perfect exceptional software solutions for direct selling businesses. We’ve now chiseled our product line into a cloud-based platform that delivers everything you need to run a successful compensation plan, including our best-in-class commission calculator, a web-based software development kit, instant data subscriptions, commission management capabilities, business health monitoring displays, and a fantastic team to support you all along the way.

But we know you need more than just great software—you need a solution that can cater to your individual needs. That’s why customization is integrated into each aspect of FlexCloud. Our new range of features caters to any brand and product type and to any size—whether it’s a small company with a simple IT department or a global enterprise with fully-fledged development teams. All of this is made possible through our new platform business model fueled by a best-in-class compensation engine. Your commission data is accessible for all of FlexCloud’s features through REST-based APIs, making consistent data available in every piece of the platform. Explore the possibilities of a software solution built for unique direct selling businesses just like yours with FlexCloud.

Reasons to consider InfoTrax for your business critical solutions


Over 30 years of direct selling and network marketing industry experience means our solutions are customized to meet the challenges you face today, including:

  • Simplifying complex international business transactions
  • Understanding the impact of your commission plan on distributor behavior
  • Having the intelligent tools you need to make informed, effective decisions
  • Obtaining the rapid support you need to be successful

InfoTrax is the only company with a patent on the process for rapid retrieval of business-critical distributor information.

  • We offer real-time information about commissions and qualifications
  • Push information to any system at the speed you demand—because time is money, especially when it comes to commissions
  • Competitors run their calculations hours or even days later, leaving distributors wondering where they stand
Technical Innovation

InfoTrax has always been a leader in business-critical software solutions and our products today are no different, such as:

  • A Cloud-based configurable platform
  • A best-in-class commission engine with API connectivity
  • Developer Portal
  • Data Warehouse
  • Webhooks subscriptions, REST-based API’s and SDKs.
  • An advanced distributor back office with the first mobile app designed to provide actionable commission information

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