Xyngular case study

How Xyngular went from chaos to smooth sailing with DataTrax and Evo.

The Challenges

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Growing Needs

Growth is a great problem to have, but when it outpaces your IT systems, things can get dire fast. Xyngular had come to the end of their current platform’s capabilities, and needed to make a change, but picking their next platform needed to be about more than just “handling their growth,” they needed a system that would inspire their field and connect people ready to join the vision.

Armed with the needs of their field and knowing it was time for an enterprise level system, Xyngular selected InfoTrax as the partner to help them reach their goals.

“Our field demanded more than just a shopping cart, they wanted a portal where they could communicate with their teams, and a real time view into how to grow their business—and they wanted it now.”

-Russ Fletcher CEO Xyngular.

“I have been involved in a lot of significant accomplishments and this is the most powerful implementation that I have been associated with.”

Russ Fletcher | Xyngular CEO

The Solutions

Back-end Power   Front-end Functionality

InfoTrax implemented Xyngular’s full direct sales platform. Built on the powerful DataTrax commission engine, and running in Java, the new system was able to update distributor and order information in real-time. And Evo, InfoTrax’s distributor back office, gave Xyngular distributors a powerful tool for tracking growth and building relationships across their entire organization, whether on the web or on their hand held device.

On-time Delivery

With their leadership event just a few months away, Xyngular hoped to present a new solution to their field in person. From the initial layout of the step-by-step roadmap to the complete implementation of the new MLM system—everything had to be ready for role out so the leadership team could confidently share the Xyngular message.


InfoTrax’s implementation produced the following results for Xyngular:

New Opportunities

InfoTrax’s robust platform and API library gave Xyngular the tools that their previous system simply couldn’t deliver. They now have the right system to expand internationally and continue to revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

New System   Powerful Results

InfoTrax’s dedication paid off and Xyngular was ready to present the new system and its capabilities at the leadership event. Corporate officials demonstrated to distributors how to manage their organization and  recruit other distributors with the powerful tools delivered by InfoTrax.

Distributor Satisfaction

Distributors were thrilled with what they saw at the leadership event, and as they worked closely with Evo, the compliments from the field began rolling in.

How can InfoTrax help?

Learn how InfoTrax created an end-to-end solution for Xyngular.

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