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Kenny Rawlins

Kenny Rawlins

Chief Information Officer

Kenny Rawlins is the Chief Information Officer at InfoTrax Systems and a direct selling and commissions software expert. He’s worked here for 16 years, helping countless people utilize data and software to maximize the performance of their compensation strategies. When he’s not working, he loves keeping up with sports—especially basketball, football and baseball. In fact, he plans on visiting all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums in his lifetime. The only thing he loves more than sports is spending time with his wife and kids. To let off some steam, he works on a nice spreadsheet or catches up on his favorite podcasts

5 Things Your Commission Software Should Do for You [Choosing an MLM Software Provider]

Joining with a commission software provider, like starting any relationship, is a huge commitment. With so much at stake for your employees, distributors, and your bottom line, how can you know you’re choosing the right partner? Start by adding these five services to the top of your priority list. If the provider you’re considering meets…

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The 5 Types of MLM Distributors: Who They Are and How to Keep Them Active

If you’re like most MLMs, you’re always looking for great ideas for boosting distributor retention. In our experience, one of the best ways to keep your salesforce happy and motivated is to cater to their individual needs, and that means getting to know them. Although each distributor is different, we’ve discovered five distinct groups you’ll find in virtually every direct selling…

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Is Your Comp Plan Rewarding the Right Behaviors? [Harnessing MLM Data]

If you’re working on rewarding distributors in your direct selling compensation plan, it’s easy to focus on things like which rules you’re using or if you have the right core commission. But knowing whether or not you’re motivating the right behaviors actually has a lot less to do with perfecting all of your requirements and…

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6 Things Every MLM Comp Plan Should Include [Improving Your Direct Selling Compensation Plan]

MLM compensation plans run the best when they have a flexible strategy, encourage growth at the right times, and solve for their customers and salesforce.

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