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The 3 Main MLM Compensation Plan Types [Breakaway, Unilevel & Binary Definitions]

The breakaway, unilevel, and binary compensation plans. Chances are, if you’ve spent time in the MLM industry, you’ve heard of at least one of them. Each plan has earned a spot in direct selling’s core commission Hall of Fame—they’re dependable, time-tested, and a great foundation for any MLM comp plan. Whether you’re new to direct…

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Is Your Comp Plan Rewarding the Right Behaviors? [Harnessing MLM Data]

If you’re working on rewarding distributors in your direct selling compensation plan, it’s easy to focus on things like which rules you’re using or if you have the right core commission. But knowing whether or not you’re motivating the right behaviors actually has a lot less to do with perfecting all of your requirements and…

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6 Things Every MLM Comp Plan Should Include [Improving Your Direct Selling Compensation Plan]

MLM compensation plans run the best when they have a flexible strategy, encourage growth at the right times, and solve for their customers and salesforce.

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