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Let’s Talk Stacking! Part 1: What is Stacking in an MLM? [Definition + How it Works]

Comp plan manipulation isn’t a fun topic to talk about, but it’s unfortunately a very real concern for modern MLMs and something to be aware of as you plan your compensation strategy. In this three-part series, we’ll go over stacking, one of the most common forms of manipulative behavior, and what you can do to prevent it in your business. This first post will give you an overview…

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What is a Level Commission? [MLM Level Definition + Pros and Cons

Level commissions are the bread and butter of modern MLM comp plans. With the exception of a few older binary plans, every commission structure we’ve worked with at InfoTrax has had at least one level as part of its plan. They’re easy to use, easy to explain, and a great way to fill commission gaps. Below, we’ll show you what a level is, how the commission works and why it’s useful, and some common…

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What’s a Breakaway Plan? [MLM Breakaway Comp Plan Basics + Pros and Cons]

A breakaway compensation plan is one of the three foundational MLM commission structures in the direct selling industry. And, until the ‘90s (when binary and unilevel plans became popular), it was the only type of strategy that proved it could sustainably pay distributors and fuel its company with a steady stream of revenue. Read on for a rundown of how they really work…

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What’s an MLM Pool Commission? [And How it Can Fit in Your Compensation Strategy]

If you’re looking for a way to fill in the commission gaps of your direct selling compensation plan, it’s a good idea to consider adding a pool commission to your strategy. Adaptable, targetable, and flexible, pool bonuses make it easy to encourage specific actions while keeping your budget on track. We’ll help you become a pool expert by…

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What’s a Binary Plan? [Binary Pay Leg Commission Basics, Pros + Cons]

Binary compensation plans are a direct selling industry staple. And generally, the jury’s split pretty evenly on how they’re received—distributors either love binaries’ unique rules and strategies or are frustrated with their inflexibility. Still, it’s a major contender among the three main comp plan types and has brought a lot of companies huge success. Read…

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5 Things Your Commission Software Should Do for You [Choosing an MLM Software Provider]

Joining with a commission software provider, like starting any relationship, is a huge commitment. With so much at stake for your employees, distributors, and your bottom line, how can you know you’re choosing the right partner? Start by adding these five services to the top of your priority list. If the provider you’re considering meets…

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