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What is a Level Commission? [MLM Level Definition + Pros and Cons

Level commissions are the bread and butter of modern MLM comp plans. With the exception of a few older binary plans, every commission structure we’ve worked with at InfoTrax has had at least one level as part of its plan. They’re easy to use, easy to explain, and a great way to fill commission gaps. Below, we’ll show you what a level is, how the commission works and why it’s useful, and some common…

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6 Steps to Completing an Internal Security Audit for Your MLM

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds these days. With CCPA and GDPR legislation coming out in the last few years, the FTC continuing to double down on MLMs, and data breaches continuing to affect companies of all sizes, it’s important to keep yourself up to date with best practices. If you need to get a pulse on the health of…

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