Why People Really Join Your MLM, Direct Selling, or Party Plan Company

Why People Really Join Your MLM, Direct Selling, or Party Plan Company

As a company leader, you work hard to make sure your distributors have everything they need to grow and succeed in building a business with you. As you develop your trainings and design incentives, are you aligning them with what each of your distributor groups are really looking for when they sign up? Understanding why they joined in the first place is square one if you want to reward them the right way and show you understand where they’re coming from.

So… why do people really join your ranks?

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They love your product
Most new representatives learn about your business through your products. Once they’ve tried and developed a passion for what you sell, they want to have a chance to spread the word to their friends and family and get rewarded for doing so.

Product is the most common reason people decide to join your salesforce (especially if they’re consumer or social enroller distributors), but it’s not the only one. Leaders and visionaries higher up in your plan can start out as product ambassadors, but they continue moving through the ranks for the rest of what your company has to offer.

They want to supplement their income
Another reason people get into network marketing is because it can give them much more control over their cash flow. MLM compensation plans make it easy for distributors to set an income goal and know exactly what they need to do to make it a reality.

Direct selling has a huge advantage over traditional jobs because of this—increasing income for most people is usually a painfully-long process of asking and waiting for a raise or even changing jobs. But direct selling earning structures give people a way to make what they want, when they want, and feel a more direct connection to their paycheck.

And, with the rise of the gig economy, making extra money from home is a much less mysterious process than it used to be. The reality of paying off debt, earning personal spending money, or starting a vacation fund doesn’t sound as far-fetched as it used to, which makes people much more eager to jump on board.

They’re drawn to your self-improvement opportunities
MLMs, direct selling businesses, and partyplan companies are a great starting place for anyone that wants to improve themselves or their business skills. While most traditional employees only get “necessary” training to do their specific job, distributors in network marketing can get executive-level sales training and business-building skills to help them grow long-term.

Because you know you can only succeed when your salesforce does, it’s smart (and common practice) to prioritize distributor success with motivational rallies, training media, seminars, and more. When potential recruits see your representatives growing and developing in your company, they’re excited to learn more and want to experience that change themselves.

They find a supportive community
As soon as someone signs up for your business, they’re part of a team. Commission structures, product interest, shared goals…they all lead to the same thing—a strong, dedicated group that works together to succeed. And, in an increasingly-digital world where real connections are hard to find, so many people crave to feel part of something more. Many of your recruits are drawn to your opportunities and products because they can tell there’s a powerful and supportive community behind them.

With these distributor motives in mind, consider how you’re doing in each area. Meeting these needs can become part of everything you do—your company culture, marketing efforts, mission statements, strategic planning, and (of course) your compensation plan. As you encourage distributors to build their organizations, help them along the way by making sure they’re getting out of your business what they were searching for when they joined in the first place.

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