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10 Things to Consider When Selecting an Integrated MLM Software Solution


10 Things to Consider When Selecting an Integrated MLM Software Solution

Integrated business solutions are the future of IT. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” software package that can provide everything a direct sales company needs to compete in this fast-paced, digital age. Tight, intelligent integration of vertical market MLM software with a proven ERP, WMS, or other operational system can provide a best-of-breed solution for all of your business needs.

When selecting an integrated direct selling software solution, keep these things in mind:


1. Cloud based solutions are redefining enterprise software.

The benefits of cloud-based systems are almost too numerous to list. They include scalability, reliability, and reduced IT costs—not to mention the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere and anytime. Look for a solution that lets you focus on building your business while an expert partner provides the cloud technology you need.


2. Businesses operate in real time—your software should too.

A tightly integrated, API-based solution (such as ICE) should be event driven, passing order and financial information between software components in real-time—while using a single data source to eliminate data sync issues. Any direct selling software solution that requires manual synching or nightly batch jobs is outdated.


3. Best-of-breed integration requires the most up-to-date technology stack.

Technologies and business processes are changing every day. For maximum flexibility, an integrated MLM solution should be built on a cloud-ready API layer that provides powerful connectivity. This becomes particularly important if you’re looking for a system that will allow for expansion into international markets.


4. Start with a customizable and robust direct selling solution.

Fast, accurate commissions are the backbone of any integrated solution. But you’ll also need state-of-the-art, configurable tools for MLM-specific e-Commerce including autoship, fast and comprehensive tree management, and MLM-specific CRM (customer relationship management).


5. Keep international growth in mind when selecting an ERP system.

Selecting an ERP solution that can handle the entire world with a single software instance eliminates layers of complexity in an integrated MLM solution. This saves you money and prevents headaches as you conduct business and support distributors across national boundaries.

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6. Affordability and capacity for rapid growth are must haves.

The right solution needs to be reasonably priced so that you can start using it right now. It must also be able to support your needs without expensive future upgrades, no matter how fast or how big you grow.


7. In a tech-savvy world, user experience is king.

Compete on a bigger scale with an intuitive user experience that easily compares with multi-million dollar sites such as Amazon. Your integrated solution must be optimized for ease of use—and the component pieces must interact seamlessly to feel like a single system to your end users.


8. The right integrated solution should handle all your business needs.

Look at the big picture and consider other add-ons that you’ll need down the line to meet the specific needs of your business. Make sure you have the right software components to handle things like multinational payment processing, sales tax, and the mobile tools that will help your distributors be successful.


9. Every business is going digital—including direct selling.

Direct selling has traditionally been conducted “belly-to-belly.” What does this look like to Generation X and Millennials as distributors routinely use social media to make contacts and sales? Any direct selling solution you consider must be prepared for the changing face of distributor interactions.


10. “Best-of-brand” is as important as “best-of-breed.”

Find a direct selling SaaS provider known for its customer support and its willingness to customize solutions to meet your needs. A best-of-brand partner will help you discover the ideas that provide competitive advantage at every stage of your growth, and will be committed to bring those ideas to fruition.


An integrated MLM software solution

No matter your marketing vertical, an integrated direct selling software solution that meets the ten considerations above will allow for a best-of-breed solution to meet your business needs. Reach out to a member of our InfoTrax team to learn more about integrated software solutions for your direct selling business today.



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