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InfoTrax Adds 50th Developer To Its Staff

Company expansion spurred by growth in direct selling industry.

OREM, UT. – May 1, 2013 – Last week, InfoTrax celebrated the addition of the 50th developer to its staff. Over the past year, InfoTrax has increased staff significantly in response to the growth of its clientele and the overall growth of the direct selling industry.

The hiring at InfoTrax in the last year has included a 217% increase in DataTrax technical resources, a 113% increase in Evo distributor back office technical resources, a 300% increase in quality assurance resources, and a 100% increase in project management resources.

Scott Smith, President of InfoTrax, commented, “Due to the global nature of the MLM industry, the addition of highly talented and capable technical resources to our team has been a global effort. We have valuable team members across our six office locations worldwide who are collaborating to create the best products and provide the best services in the direct selling industry. This growth puts us in a more competitive position than ever before.”

InfoTrax’ expansion not only allows it to increase market presence but to also improve its competitive advantage with significant investment in new products and product enhancements while still assuring quality service to its clients.

Mark Rawlins, CEO and Founder of InfoTrax, said, “In the last year, we have launched DataTrax version 5, Evo distributor back office, and Evo Mobile. Our R&D department is now working on many more exciting improvements to our product portfolio, which will be announced in coming months.”

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