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When It Comes To Direct Sales Commissions, Seconds Count

InfoTrax’ FastTree becomes the only patented commission information system in the industry.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – January 15, 2013 – In the rapid-growth direct selling industry, the ability to quickly and accurately calculate distributor commissions is elemental to success. As the direct selling market outpaces the broader global economy and more industries turn to the direct sales model, companies must have effective solutions to calculate real-time commissions for the 91 million distributors worldwide.

Mark Rawlins, 30-year veteran of the industry, CEO of direct selling software solutions company InfoTrax and author of the book Understanding Multi-Level Commissions and their Role in a Successful Company, noted that two important forces are driving the need for speed with commission data. “Modern commission plans are becoming increasingly complex as companies create scaled incentive systems for their growing distributor bases. At the same time, every distributor, from the most senior to the newest member, wants to know in real-time how their business is doing and the commissions they qualify for,” said Rawlins.

The industry norm has been to rely on batch processes that run only once a day, and in some cases as infrequently as once a month. A lack of timely information results in confusion, which breeds mistrust between a distributor and their brand.

InfoTrax, the industry’s leading provider of direct selling software solutions, has developed a proprietary software system to calculate, retrieve and display commission qualification information in near real-time. Today, InfoTrax announces that they have received a business process patent for their product, known as FastTree. U.S. Patent Number 8,321,408 covers InfoTrax’ “methods, systems, and computer program products for creating and accessing hierarchical data in an expedited way.”

“In essence,” said Rawlins, “with FastTree, direct selling companies can run commission calculations, retrieve data and determine qualifications for ranks, bonuses and base commissions at virtually any time.”

This capability not only benefits the independent distributor who gets accurate, relevant and timely information about their business, but also gives companies the ability to speedily act on that information for timely recognition and intervention when needed.

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