Evo, a back office that works as hard as your distributors

Give your distributors the real-time information they need to motivate and build their network with Evo, the precise mlm and party plan back office software.

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Focus on what matters most

Evo lets your distributors know where they are and what they need to do to grow their business.

Xyngular case study

How Xyngular went from chaos to smooth sailing with DataTrax and Evo.


Build a salesforce with ease. Simplify your distributors’ lives by giving them the power to seamlessly sell, shop, and enroll team members. And give them confidence that the calculation of their compensation and commissions is always accurate and up-to-date.


With Evo’s community page, your distributors can connect with the company, each other, and their customers. They can easily share videos, presentations, flyers, and more.


Inspire distributors to earn the next bonus. Clearly communicate next steps for each distributor with personalized reports and the actionable information they need, when they need it.

Evo Engage, for distributors who want even more

Kick it up a notch with Engage

You love your direct sales business and you take it seriously. You need a back office that gives you the tools and information that empower you to take the smartest actions today to get the biggest results tomorrow. Evo Engage gives you personalized reporting on your network, telling you who needs your attention and mentorship right now for you to meet your next goal.


Grow your business and inspire collaboration throughout your downline. Communicate through the message center and track who’s opened your messages. Send out group emails, record WebMeetings, broadcast messages, and more.


Gather insights into your team’s dynamics and performance by viewing real-time personal volume, organizational volume, and group volume displayed in interactive graphics on your back-office dashboard. Use exclusive Evo Engage reports to discover who is on the verge of reaching their next rank and give them the help they need to get there.


Market your story with videos, pictures, and quotes across social media platforms. Attract customers and send them to your personal website where they can shop and learn more about your business.

Evo + Engage

To find the right solution for your team, compare Evo and Engage below.

Features of Engage

  • WebMeetings powered by Zoom
    Host an unlimited number of live WebMeeting presentations with up to 50 participants and no time restrictions. Record, watch, and share your meetings and archived meetings from distributors across your company. Schedule and host webinars with up to 100 participants and up to 10,000 viewers (hourly rates may apply).
  • Customizable business groups
    Filter your team into easy-to-work-with groups by locations, rank, activity, and more. Broadcast tailored messages to your groups. Pin members to multiple groups so you can make sure key people get the messaging you most want them to see. Track and sort prospects.
  • Reports organized to your needs
    Use expanded reporting views to monitor your team including a graphical map which sorts them by location and a tree view which shows you detailed lineage of your organization. Sort through and customize your own downline reports. View qualification information for your entire team, including yourself. Filter downline reports to select segments and then use them as contact lists for broadcast messages, WebMeeting invites, and calendar events.
  • Communication done right
    Post to social media. Broadcast internal messages. Send voicemail or WebMeeting presentations to your organization. View your message history. Transmit messages to saved downline groups.

Features of Evo

  • Get real-time information on your sales team including qualification status, sales activity, order history, autoship orders, and new recruits.
  • Access order history and commission summaries online.
  • Shop, place, and track product orders.
  • View genealogy reports.
  • Receive broadcast messages from your upline and corporate, and receive new message notifications via email or SMS text.
  • Get all the latest corporate news and information.

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