Professional Services

The Direct Selling industry trusts InfoTrax as a technology partner that delivers expert service, insights, and a flexible commission platform software. When you partner with us, we'll organize an incredible team dedicated to your success.

Your Team

Each client we work with has a team helping them with continual growth and expansion. Yours will know how you work inside and out—for everything from implementation and development questions to business and commissions guidance, you'll be working with a group of experts.


Account Managers, Project Managers, and Client Success Analysts are the people you'll be interacting with most often when you have questions about your software.


The Client Applications team handles modifications to your system. If you need software adjustments, your Project Manager will work with our developers to make sure the software accurately reflects your business rules.


If you need deeper analysis or design solutions for special projects, your Project Manager will work with our Solutions Architects to brainstorm, analyze, and design exactly what you're looking for.


If you need deeper analysis or design solutions for special projects, your Project Manager will work with our Solutions Architects to brainstorm, analyze, and design exactly what you’re looking for.



Start-up direct selling companies choose InfoTrax to ensure long-term success. Because we understand that start-up and enterprise clients operate differently, we

  • Deliver a low cost of ownership and high ROI
  • Ensure your compensation plan is aligned with your mission and marketing plan
  • Allow you to maintain momentum during growth
  • Give you the ability to seamlessly expand anywhere in the world
  • Maximize the performance of your distributors
  • Bring peace of mind with the highest level of expertise and support available



When rapid growth or international expansion places demands on your business that your systems aren't prepared to handle, success itself can be a potential cause of failure. As you grow, your system requirements change and nothing is worse than being hard-coded into a corner. The InfoTrax platform was built with growth in mind, allowing you the freedom to adjust your system at any time to align with your current business needs. With InfoTrax, you:

  • Ensure that every commission dollar you spend is generating the maximum return
  • Get the industry's easiest path to market expansion worldwide
  • Empower your distributors to navigate through even the most complex compensation plan
  • Gain intelligent control of your systems, customized to your needs

Continuous Innovation


InfoTrax invests over 10,000 hours a year in research and development. We promise you the latest technology in our products and comprehensive support services to give you confidence in your business operations. Our professional support services include:

  • A dedicated commission analysis team
  • Low client – business analyst ratio
  • Client training
  • Client success team
  • Quality assurance team
  • International expansion expertise

Get Started Today

Whether you are just getting started, outgrowing your current vendor, or exploding into a multinational global brand, InfoTrax is the right choice for success. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you.

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